7. Vegetables

These are vegetables that are not salads. As I slowly turned into a person not eating too much meat (as you can see from the amount of meaty pictures) this is an adventure of exploration of amazing things that cooks/chefs are able to create from simple things that vegetables are.

Fried Brussel Sprouts
Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. , Brooklyn
Another weirdly named but excellent dish
Angelica's Kitchen, East Village, NYC

 Honeycrisp Apple Kimchi, maple labne, jowl bacon, arugula
Momofuku Ssam Bar, East Village, NYC 
 Roasted Cauliflower, Spicy Beet, Pickled onion, Bacon, Pistachio,
Pickled Salmon, Cucumber, Jalapeño Relish
OK, mostly vegetables
Dimes, Chinatown, NYC

 Roasted Chantarelles, purslane, yolk, bone marrow
Momofuku Ssam Bar, East Village, NYC 
 Sliced carrots tossed with cumin, paprika, garlic, parsley, lemon, and olive oil
Local 92, East Village, NYC

 This is a very good cauliflower dish, but I am not sure where....

 Yet another trip to the same place
Marinated carrots, falafel, labne
Cafe Mogador, East Village, NYC
Fava beans spread with dill
Deniz Restaurant, Izmir, Turkey
no idea

Angelica's Kitchen, East Village, NYC

Baked cauliflower with green tahini
Shakshuka with goat & sheep cheese
Hummus Place, East Village, NYC

Bharwan Baigan
Baby eggplant filled with spicy garam masala seasoned potatoes, peanuts,
Bengal gram, mango powder, curry leaves and garlic chutney. Afghani pilaf.  
Tamarind, TriBeCa, NYC

Bok Choy, fermented Black Bean, Cauliflower Mushroom.
Momofuku Noodle Bar, East Village, NYC

Broccoli Ohitashi
Soba Koh, East Village, NYC

Falafel, hummus, babaganoush
Cafe Mogador, East Village, NYC

Carciofini; Artichoke, Avocado, Mache, Parmigiano, Lemon, Laudemio Olive Oil
East 12th Osteria, East Village, NYC

Cauliflower Antipasto (I love cauliflower).
One of the places I miss.
Frankies 17 Spuntino, Lower East Side, NYC

Chinese mushrooms & vegetables...very tasty
Thai So'n, Chinatown, NYC

Classic Hummus topped with mushrooms sautéed in onion and garlic
Local92, East Village, NYC

Collection from around the corner. All vegan, yet incredibly tasty
Beyond Sushi, East Village, NYC

Crispy sweet potato gnocchi with sautéed hen of the woods mushrooms & wilted spinach
Char No 4, Brooklyn, NYC

Simply amazing. Jehangir Mehta, (almost an Iron) Chef
  Graffiti, East Village, NYC

Gently sauteed eggplant rounds topped with Classic Tahini. Served with warm pita
Local92, East Village, NYC

Burned Broccoli with jalapeño peppers
Exchange Alley, East Village, NYC

Fresh almonds
 Deniz Restaurant, Izmir, Turkey
Fromagerie, London, England

Grilled avocado, spinach & veggie mousse, shiitake vinaigrette.
Ivo & Lulu, West Village, NYC

Heirloom tomato salad, basil mayo, eggplant, sweet peppers
Back Forty, Alphabet City, NYC
Meze- marinated artichokes, beans, youghurt with garlic and eggplant
 Deniz Restaurant, Izmir, Turkey

Grilled Corn, Benton's Bacon, Lime, Cotija
Momofuku Noodle Bar, East Village, NYC

Oyster Mushrooms, Seasonal & wild, olive oil, sea salt
Plan B, NoLiTa, NYC

Palak Aur Kamal Kakdi Ke Kofte
Spinach and lotus root dumplings in a creamy cashew nut, dry fenugreek and saffron sauce
Tamarind, TriBeCa, NYC

Panko-crusted cauliflower florets served on a thin bed of Green Tahini
Local92, East Village, NYC

Pencil asparagus, balsamic, red chili, grated Manchego
Plan B, NoLiTa, NYC
Pickled beets, coconut ricotta, thai basil
Alder, East Village, NYC

Pickles. Served with ice
Deniz Restaurant, Izmir, Turkey

Purple Babaganoush.  A silky dip made of gently grilled and pickled eggplant. Served with warm pita
Local92, East Village, NYC.

Best vegetarian Thali I ever tasted
Rajdhani Sweets & Restaurant 2658 Islington Ave in Toronto, Canada

Ratatouille Provencale.
DBGB Kitchen & Bar, NYC

Scalloped potatos, bechamel with basil, gruyere crust

shrimp & pesto penne with pecorino truffle cauliflower
Piccolo Cafe, East Village, NYC

Smoked eggplant & cilantro. Very nice.
Balaboosta, NoLiTa, NYC

Spicy carrots and marinated beets
Cafe Mogador, East Village, NYC.

Spinach, mushrooms, red onion and hazelnuts
Hereford Road, London, England

Spring Under Snow
Braised Bamboo Shoots with Grated Celery Root, Arugula, Mitsuba, Phyllo Dough,
Butterbur Puree, Edamame Shoots, Baby Celery Root, Wasabi
Kajitsu, East Village, NYC (two Michelin *) (not there any more)

Steamed bun with shiitake mushrooms and other great stuff
Momofuku, East Village, NYC

Sweet potato, smoked paprika, spinach and feta tortilla
with beetroot, parsley and Marcona almond salad and sumac yoghurt
Providores, London, England

Testing a new one in the neighborhood- just something vegetably to start with
Alder, East Village, NYC.

Thai basil and lime waffles with tomato, sweet corn, rocket and
avocado salad and tomato jalapeño chutney
Providores, London, England

This is actually some incredible eggplant with tahini, israeli salad & marinated carrots.
TAIM, West Village, NYC

Truffle-parmigiano fries
Bottega, Napa Valley, CA

Vegetable transparen thalusticky
MC@LPH dim sum

Yamitsuki Goma Kyuri
Japanese cucumber seasoned with sesame oil dressing
Ippudo, Astor Place, NYC
Herbed Portobello Steak,  roasted brussels sprouts and roasted fingerling potatoes,
celeriac purée, black pepper-cabernet reduction

Candle Cafe West, NYC
Porcini Crusted Tofu, truffled cauliflower purée, sautéed shallots, wild mushrooms,
string beans, radishes, almonds, mushroom gravy

Candle Cafe West, NYC
Where did they serve this wonderful plate of mushrooms? Anybody??
How can one take a picture of the food and the description at the same time?

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