26. Coffee

I was a late bloomer for coffee, even later than for alcohol. Actually, I started really drinking coffee after I arrived to New York. Probably for the same reason I started late with wine - did not have many chances to experience really high quality earlier. However, I became quite hooked. I am being quite particular about my coffee now, so you won't find any pictures from St******s.

A bit too strong espresso. Their hot chocolate is fantastic.
Hillary Clinton and Senator Wiener's future ex-wife were sitting at the next table
Maialino, Gramercy Hotel, NYC
Maialino, Gramercy Hotel, NYC
Another Cappuccino
Maialino, Gramercy Hotel, NYC
Abra├žo, EV, NYC
Turkish Coffee and baklava sampling
Hummus Place, EV, NYC
Macchiato and Cortado
Everyman Espresso at Classic Stage Company, NYC
Cappuccino leftovers. Note the Indian inscription
Bluebird Cafe on 1st & 1st, NYC
Management changed, not as good anymore as it used to be
Providores, London, England
Turkish coffee. Way to finish the feast.
Seafood & Steak House, Izmir, Turkey.
Double Macchiato
Tarallucci e Vino, 1st Ave & 10th St., NYC

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