18. Poultry

Poultry. Meat for vegetarians.Despite the fact that I do not eat much meat, sometimes it is very difficult to resist. You'll see why.

 Chicken Tagine with Apricots & Prunes
 Cafe Mogador, East Village, NYC
 The best chicken wings I ever had. Dry, crispy, tasty.
 I have been going back to have them for the last 22 years, again and again.
 The SUCHAR soccer team in Toronto knows as well.
Bistro On Avenue, Toronto, Canada
Brick chicken, roasted fingerlings.
Marlow & Sons, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Cooked chicken with some magic stuff and mushrooms I've never seen before
Ming Court @ Langham Place Hong Kong  dim sum 2M*
Duck Breast
Ming Court @ Langham Place Hong Kong  dim sum
Duck confit & fried egg,
DBGB Kitchen & Bar, NYC
duck duck noodles – cucumber, tatsoi, peanut
Momofuku Ssam Bar, EV, NYC
Goose leg, red cabbage, potatos.
Roma Etelbar (Cica), Budapest, Hungary
Tandoori chicken with raita. Sounds simple. Tastes heavenly
 Jehangir Mehta, (almost an Iron) Chef.
Graffiti, East Village, NYC
Kombdi Xacuti  Chicken in a roasted star anise, fennel seed, mace and coconut sauce
 Tamarind, TriBeCa, NYC
pulled duck on latkes
Plan B, NYC
A wedding reception in Slovakia. Still not sure if this does not belong to a different category.
Yes, things can be done differently ;-)
Smoked half chicken with bacon-braised kale & honey-walnut sauce.
Char No 4, Brooklyn, NYC
Duck and foie gras terrine and pickles
Hereford Road, London, England

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