24. Desserts

This is a huge section, because - I do like sweets. That's why I have to play soccer 4 times a week. With these desserts and without the soccer I would be 300 pounds.

 Coppola's American Zoetrope, San Francisco
 French Pastry Shop in Toronto, Canada 
 just a small part of it….
Pusateri's Fine Foods, Avenue Road, Toronto, Canada 
Pusateri's, Toronto, Canada
Pusateri's again
 Molten Chocolate Cake with Hazelnut Sauce. Piece of Heaven
Bottega, Yountville, Napa, CA 
Risotteria Melotti, East Village,  NYC. 
Absolutely incredible French Toast with berries and Cognac sauce.
Bistrouge, East Village, NYC
Of all places that went out of business this one I feel the most sorry for.
The passion and effort that was put into this place by Eda & Murat is rare. Maybe in the future they'll try again.
The French Toast alone would be worth it.
And now, ladies & gents, the original, Chocolate Babka
Russ & Daughters, Lower East Side, NYC
Cinnamon Babka
Russ & Daughters, Lower East Side, NYC.
Definitely not "a lesser babka"
Banana/caramel nest.
Harmony Restaurant Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica (Pacific Coast)
Black Sesame Rare Cheese Cake roasted soybean powder
Cocoron, LES, NYC
Caramel Milk with Tapioca
Cocoron, LES, NYC
Green Tea Affogato
well...Japanese sweets, they are what they are.
 Cocoron, LES, NYC
Chocolate and hazelnut croissant & bread pudding
La Boulange, Stanford CA
Coffee cake with coffee ice cream.
Harmony Restaurant. Playa Guiones, Nosara, Costa Rica (Pacific Coast)
Coffee ice cream, pecan, cocoa, argan oil
 WD 50, Lower East Side, NYC
Coffee Mocha chocolate sorbet, brownies, chocolate chip cookies candied macadamia nuts & whipped cream.  Incredible.
DBGB Kitchen & Bar, NYC
Hazelnut bittersweet chocolate cake, praline biscuit
DBGB Kitchen & Bar, NYC
Tarte au figues, mascarpone cream, fresh figs, ginger and red port ice cream
 DBGB Kitchen & Bar, NYC
Baklava sampling and Turkish coffee
Hummus Place, EV, NYC
 Marinated figs, pumpkins and something. Baklava.
Probably the thickest and heaviest cream in the world.
I still can't walk.
Deniz Restaurant, Izmir, Turkey
Marinated figs filled with candied nuts.
Milk pudding with stuff (original description)
 something called Kuenefe, which is sort of cottage cheese in some thin noodles, sweet sauce, baked.
Seafood & Steak House, Izmir, Turkey.
East 12th Osteria, EV, NYC.
Doughnuts, plum wine anglaise, berry compote;
 mixed berries, white chocolate ice cream, angostura bitters;
chocolate hazelnut slice, mahlab, cherries
NOPI Restaurant, London, England
Doughssaint or Cronut
Everything in this picture was uebersweet
ChikaLicious, EV, NYC
Halva chocolate tart.
Trata, Upper East Side, NYC
Hazelnut tart, coconut, chocolate, chicory
WD 50, Lower East Side, NYC
Hereford Road, London, England

It had ice cream, whipped cream, salty peanuts and it was humongous and it was good. Wasn't on the menu.
Uncle Boons, NYC
Lemon, mascarpone and pistachio meringue ice cream
 John Dory Oyster Bar, Flatiron, NYC
non-sweet (a miracle in Turkey) milk pudding with something chewy added
Deniz Restaurant, Izmir, Turkey
pan fried bun with sweet sesame filling
Ming Court, Langham Place Hotel, Hong Kong
pb & j – tristar strawberry jam, soda cracker panna cotta
Momofuku Ssam, East Village, NYC 
Pineapple with molasses, mini-pancakes
Traif, Brooklyn, NYC
Pomegranate Sorbet
Sweet Potato Pudding
Tamarind, TriBeCa, NYC
pretzel croissant
City Bakery, NYC
Ricotta Cheesecake that made me very nostalgic,
because it tasted exactly as the one Totinka Kurimska made some 36 years ago.
Frankies 17 Spuntino, Lower East Side, NYC
(not there anymore, alas)
Tiramisu. Loads of it!
Frankies 17 Spuntino, Lower East Side, NYC
Smoked chocolate ice cream, meringue, strawberries.
Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar, East Village, NYC
Torta al Cioccolato e Caffé Chocolate mousse, coffee biscuit, almond, Bavarian coffee.
Cafe Gnocco, East Village, NYC
Turkish coffee chocolate cake. Really good!
Balaboosta, NoLiTa, NY
typical english dessert, probably Yorkshire pudding ;-) or trhanec
 Hereford Road, London, England
warm truffle almond strawberries, pepper ice cream
(You have no idea.)
 Graffiti, East Village, NYC
Black and white something.
Local92, East Village, NYC
Boukie's, EV, NYC

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