1. Appetizing miscellanea

Some categories are hard to define, especially when several food groups are represented. I basically include the food that comes to the table early here. Sometimes, however, it is advisable and very pleasurable to compose the entire meal just of these tasty small bites.

Smoked Bluefish Pate
Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co. , Brooklyn
Local greens, octopus in red wine, sardines, marinated & roasted sun dried tomatoes.
Seafood & Steak House, Izmir, Turkey

Meze. Marinated red peppers, incredibly thick. Eggplant in youghurt & garlic.
  Seafood & Steak House, Izmir, Turkey.

A set of Arabic Mezes.
Jerusalem, Israel

Rilette of two kinds of salmon in duck fat. Pure French decadence.
Bouchon, Napa Valley, California.
By the way, how do you deal with waiters that look down on you every time you do not order a 900 $ bottle of wine?
Peekytoe crab roll, salt ‘n vinegar chips, celery mayonnaise, miso dressing
WD 50, Lower East Side, NY

Carpaccio of heirloom tomatos and tuna with lemon vinaigrette and almonds.
Tarallucci e Vino, Union Square, NYC

Dorado carpaccio with truffles.
Festa, Croatia

Mole West, Neusiedler See, Austria
Mango and Avocado Summer Roll in Thai Sauce. Pišta Hríb si napcháva hlavu. Aux Epices, Chinatown, NY
Fromagerie, London, England
Seafood starters at another Dalmatian Konoba
Serbian food. More Sljivovica. And Ajvar which I really like and have nostalgic memories of
Kafana NYC
Crumpets - braised moroccan lamb, duck confit, smoked salmon
Winslow, East Village, NYC
Minced beef-filled eggplant
Boukie's, EV, NYC
Faisant pate, cognac, truffle oil, brie.
Ivo & Lulu, West Village, NYC
Fried Soba Dumpling
Kajitsu, East Village, NY
(before they moved)
(two Michelin *)
Grilled Nama-Fu with Miso  Kajitsu
Kajitsu, East Village, NY 
(before they moved)
(two Michelin *)
On the left there is something that tastes exactly like the stuffed goose neck my grandma used to make
 tuna sashimi on the right
La Esquina, NYC
Marinated herring, cucumber-potato salad, mustard sour cream.
Cafe Katja, Lower East Side, NY
Quick appetizer lunch. Calamari, bruschettas (tuna, broccoli, provolone) and shaved fennel salad.
MOMA cafeteria, NY
Hijiki, Ohitashi
Cocoron, LES, NYC
Opah crudo, fried quail egg, challah toast, watercress, green godess.
Rosewater restaurant, Brooklyn
Seefood starters.
Murter, Croatia
Fish arepa, chicken arepa, plantain arepa, another arepa — with Petra Breiner at
Caracas Arepa Bar, East Village, NY
A set of appetizers, including quark dumplings, spinach, carrots, beets and bryndzova pomazanka (Liptauer!) that I ate before taking the picture.
 Emmentaler sausage & savoy cabbage at the very end.
Cafe Katja, Lower East Side, NY
Counterclockwise, starting bottom right: Whitefish & Baked Salmon salad, Wild West Nova Salmon,
a bagel, French Herring (slightly smoked), Goat Creme Cheese.
Home, sweet home. Stolichnaya not pictured.
Russ & Daughters on Houston, Lower East Side.
On of the oldest delis in town, run by the same family at the same spot for over 100 years.
Smoked tuna dip.
Dave's Grill, Montauk, Long Island, NY
 My Italian breakfast
 Piccolo Cafe, 3rd Ave, NY
Summer tomato, wasabi mascarpone, pine nuts;
Mixed baby carrots, pearl barley, lemon ricotta
 Chargrilled broccolini, scordalia, chili oil
NOPI Restaurant, London, England
"Green Eggs and Ham" caramelized prosciutto wrapped asparagus, crispy soft cooked egg, asparagus green garlic sauce and Cambazola cheese
Bottega, Yountville, Napa Valley, CA
Tacos and cucumber salad.
Rockaway Taco Stand, NY
 Hijiki seaweed and soy bean simmered in shoyu, assorted Japanese mushrooms & sun-dried daikon radish with yuzu, fried eggplant soaked in dashi
 EN Japanese Brasserie, NY 
Veal tongue tacos & fried yucca, grilled shrimps with salad and vegetable rice, Dos Equis Amber.
 La Esquina (upstairs), Soho, NY

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