4. Sandwiches

Yes, we still haven't encountered proper meals. Bread with stuff on it. Some would protest and say sandwich IS a proper meal, and as you can see, they would be right quite often.

 can't remember where I had the sandwich, but it  looks good
Aioli And Parmesan Grilled Bread Prosciutto with organic mixed greens
Cafe Gitane, NoLiTa, NY

Breakfast sandwich on a scone, poached egg, ham & cheese, aioli, salad
 Vinegar Hill House, Brooklyn, NY
Smoked Trout, crème fraîche, celery, radish
Vinegar Hill House, Brooklyn, NY
Egg-in-a-nest, brie-roast portabella grilled cheese, truffle cream
Traif, Brooklyn, NY

Salad, omelette, melted tuna sandwich
Falai, Lower East Side, NY
Grilled ham, mayo, fontina cheese, proscuitto cotto, country bread
Falai Panetteria NY
Ginger shrimp sandwich
Fabiane's Cafe & Pastry, Brooklyn, NY

Mushroom burger
 Fabiane's Cafe & Pastry, Brooklyn, NY

A few choices
La Boulange, Stanford, CA

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