25. Cheese

I eat a lot of cheese, but not in restaurants. Usually prefer desserts instead. I promise to take pictures of some memorable cheeses at home. There are times when there is nothing else in my fridge but cheese and wine. One can survive on that for a while.

Caputo's mozarella with basil & warm anchovy sauce
Buttermilk Channel, Brooklyn, NYC
Crispy cheddar curds with spicy pimento sauce
and just a part of chicory salad with pickled watermelon radish, blue cheese & pear balsamic vinaigrette.
(Wow for the salad)
Char No 4, Brooklyn, NYC
What else would you eat at a restaurant of this name?
Fromagerie, London, England

So I just took a picture of what I had in the fridge right now:
sheep Coulet Roquefort , aged goat gouda, goat Cana de Cabre, aged Manchego

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