3. Eggs

Eggs. Should be simple, but look at some of these sophisticated creations.

Lobster and avocado eggs in croissant
Piccolo Cafe on 3rd ave., New York

Baked cauliflower with green tahini & Shakshuka with goat & sheep cheese
Hummus Place, East Village, NY 
Breakfast. Despite the tourist crowd the food is always good
 Balthazar, Soho, NY 
Cacio e Pepe Strapazzato Scrambled Eggs, Pecorino & Black Pepper
Maialino, Gramercy Hotel, NY 
 Heaps of braised mutton bacon and duck eggs. Willpower slowly disappearing
Delicious Easter brunch at Joe Doe's, East Village, NY
Duck confit & fried egg
DBGB Kitchen & Bar, NYC 
Egg "en coccotte" - coddled egg with savory chicken, buttered white toast, mixed letucces.
Prune, East Village, NYC

Poached eggs, tabouleh, hummus, marinated carrots, pita.
Cafe Mogador, East Village, NYC 
Ful Medames -  poached eggs, cucumber, olives, lemon
Vinegar Hill House, Brooklyn, NY 
Kale salad & eggs.
Northern Spy Food Co., East Village, NY

Raviolo al Uovo Egg Yolk, Ricotta & Potato Yes, there is an egg yolk inside the big Raviolo.
Maialino, Gramercy Hotel, NY 
Salad and pickled eggs.
Northern Spy Food Co., East Village, NY 
Scrambled eggs, ricotta, squash, corn, biscuit
Back Forty, Alphabet City, NY 
Skillet Eggs, Bacon, Spinach and Gruyere with buttered sourdough toast
Freemans, NY

Spicy stewed chickpeas, butter-crumbed eggs, preserved lemons, warm flatbread and potato roesti.
Prune, East Village, NY

Sweetened egg yolk filled bun. Oh dear.
Ming Court @ Langham Place Hotel. 2 Michelin*

The Costanza (Scrambled eggs & lobster)
Traif, Brooklyn, NY 
Tortilla Espanola w/special stuff
M.Wells, Queens, NY (they moved in the meantime)

Uova al Contadino Poached Eggs, Spinach & Turnips
Maialino, Gramercy Hotel, NY

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