6. Salads

Many different things are called salads. I had a good rule to determine whether the meal is a salad or something else.If they called it salad on the menu, it made its way here.

 Brussel Sprouts, Coconut, Peanuts, Thai Basi
Momofuku Noodle Bar, East Village, NYC
Heirloom tomatos, sliced beef, melons, chili vinaigrette
Momofuku, East Village, NYC

Pear Salad, Humboldt Fog, Benton's Country Ham, Hazelnut
Momofuku Noodle Bar, East Village, NYC

 Insalata Della Casa
Falasca SPQR, Toronto 

Frisee and grilled squid salad, polenta croutons, guanciale, remoulade
Rosewater restaurant, Brooklyn NYC

Frozen crab salat. Tons of it.
Festa, some island in Croatia
Cactus salad
La Esquina (upstairs), Soho, NYC
Cherry tomatos (can't see them, I know) salad
Traif, Brooklyn, NYC
Crispy cheddar curds with spicy pimento sauce
and just a part of chicory salad with pickled watermelon radish, blue cheese & pear balsamic vinaigrette
(Wow for the salad)
 Char No 4, Brooklyn, NYC

Daikon Salad
Kambi Ramen Inc, East Village, NYC

Daikon Salad
Soba Koh, East Village, NYC

Jicama, apples and lentil falafel with home fries and cabbage salad
Delicious Easter brunch
Joe Doe's, East Village, NYC. 

Ensalada de something with those white beans that they put absolutely in everything
Le Mar, NYC, out of biz

Fall harvest results. Salads descriptions on request.
Whole wheat croissant from Balthazar and spelt scones to keep it healthy
Fennel, Celery Root, Parsley & Red Onion with Lemon & Olive Oil Salad
Frankies 17 Spuntino, Lower East Side, NYC

Fresh crusted Italian tuna, mixed greens, chickpeas, tomato, capers, cucumber, lemon juice, olive oil
Falai Panetteria, LES, NYC

Fromagerie, London, GB
Insalata Gamberi
Ballaro, LES, NYC

Grilled octopus salad - onion, capers, peppers, olive oil, vinegar.
Trata, Upper East Side, NYC

Grilled octopus salad with celery, potatos and plum tomatos.
Tarallucci e Vino, Union Square, NYC

Grilled trout salad
Balthazar, Soho, NYC

Heart of palm (the most fresh ever) salad
Lagarta Lodge, Nosara, Costa Rica (Pacific Coast)

Heirloom tomato, sorrel, burrata, crispy chicken skin.
 Jack’s Luxury Oyster Bar, East Village, NYC

It has fennel. It has spinach and walnuts. Fruits. No idea where. Anybody?

Kyona Salad
Cocoron, LES, NYC

L1 - Tiger Vegetables Salad
Xi'an Famous Foods, East Village, NYC

left - Beet, Blood Orange & Quinoa with Lem, Coriander, Cumin, Cilantro, Paprika
right- Edamame & Mango with Corn, Avocado, Red Onion, Jalapeño, Watercress, Cilanrot and Lemon
bottom - Spicy Collard Greens with Pineapple, Apple, Red Onion, Carrot, Garlic Red Pepper Flakes

Marinated Beet Salad, Ricotta, White Anchovies, Herbas, Gaeta Olives. (Delivery)
Motorino Pizzeria Napoletana, East Village, NYC

New French Salad (pears, gruyere chese & all the visible parts).
The New French, West Village, NYC

right- Bok Choy with Shiitake Mushrooms. Carrots, Sesa Seeds and Ses Ginger Dress
 left - Orange Grapefruit Fennel Salad Mint, Red Onion, Orange Juice Balamics Vinegar
top - Texas Caviar Black Eyed Peas, Green & Red Pepp, Jalapeño, Red Onion, Tomato, Parsley, Lime Juice, Sea Salt

Heart of palm & feta salad
Cafe Colonial, NoLiTa, NYC (not any more)

Peeled tomatos, parsley, mint, dill, arugula, all chopped.
 Deniz Restaurant, Izmir, Turkey

Salmon salad
Piccolo Cafe on 3rd, NYC

Seafood hash and Ceasar Salad with Smoked Herring Dressing
 M.Wells, Queens, NYC (gone)

Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad whole Meyer lemon dressing, toasted Marcona almonds, sieved egg, Pecorino cheese  Bottega, Yountville, Napa, CA

Shrimp & couscus salad.
Fabiane's Cafe & Pastry, Brooklyn, NYC

Shrimp & squid salad
Cafe Colonial, NYC (gone)

Shrimp salad.
Mole West, Neusiedler See, Austria

Smoked trout salad with apples, avocado, potatos…
La Boulange, Stanford, CA

Smoked trout salad, avocado, horseradish
Vinegar Hill House, Brooklyn, NYC

Smoked Trout Salad, Black Lentils, Walnuts, Arugula, Dried Cranberries avocado, goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, shallots, vinaigrette
Cafe Gitane, NoLiTa NYC

spinach salad
Cafe Habana, NYC
Grilled Chicken & Corn Salad and Jicama Salad
Cafe Habana, NoLiTa, NYC

The famous lobster salad roll that the restaurant was named after
Lobster Roll "LUNCH", Amagansett, NY
Lobster salad stuffed beefsteak tomato
Lobster Roll "LUNCH", Amagansett, NY
Top to bottom, left to right-
Edamame & Mango; Heart of Palm; Artichokes & Olives Broccoli; Cauliflower & Carrot Salmon & Brown Rice;
 Grilled Tofu, Peach & Arugula Bok Choy & Shiitake Mushroom

YUM KAI HUA PLI Spicy Roasted Chicken & Banana Blossom Salad with Crushed Cashew,
Crispy Shallot & Coconut Milk Dressing
Uncle Boons, NYC

Mieng Kum Betel Leaf Wrap with Ginger, Lime, Toasted Coconut, Dried Shrimp, Chiles & Peanuts
Uncle Boons, NYC

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