28. Bad and Bizarre

As I developed some good instincts, it does not happen too often that I would visit a bad place. There are even countries I still do not dare eat in restaurants. (Make a guess.). However, it happens and sometimes I take pictures, if it's really bizarre. These were.

Fried cauliflower, lemon-almond puree, lardo, cocoa
 The "molecular magic" went over the top with this way too weird combination. Cocoa - NO.
However, everything else was OK.
Alder, EV, NYC
Not even if they paid me to eat it.
Italian Festival, SoHo, New York. 
The most complicated seating policy in the world
6 full pages, including a map of restaurants where you can take the food you buy here and eat it there,
because they are bigger and not so busy. Nice touch. The food is really great. See in other sections.
Xi'an Famous Foods, East Village, NYC
Vandaag, East Village, NYC
These are pictures of a complete dinner for several people, that was inedible. Pretentious, hippy, weird, stupid.
The went out of business and were replaced by a barbecue place. Perfect. They had no reason to exist.
No idea. Pickled cabbage soup, I believe. 
Pickled something that tastes like something completely different. Definitely pickled.
 They pickled everything in this place, including peanuts. 
Smoked pickled sausage. Tastes like pears.
Red russian kale with green strawberries, sweet onions and caraway salad
 (dressing is probably caramel infused aquavit with beer marinated octopus)
 and Bitterballen -slow braised oxtail croquet, mustard relish
(to be fair, the balls were slightly better than the rest of the disaster)
Spanish mackerel with a lot of weird stuff.
Tuna that tastes like marinated tofu with goat cheese with more pickled things
 that taste like some other pickled things.
Postmodern conceptual cooking - very hip.
Luckily, even NYC did not have not enough people
willing to pretend it's as fantastic as Phillip Glass or Marina Abramovic
Hamburger. Did not dare to try it. Probably tastes like smoked fig compote with poached sheep roe

Why do almost all vegetarian/vegan restaurant have this urgent need to sell us not just food
but also a lot of new-age ideology BS?
This one is a blatant example of a yuppie middle-class newyorker feelgood stuff that on top of everything
is also just very stupid.
Most of the people on Earth do not have too many choices, dear.
Candle Cafe West, NYC

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