20. Intestines and other body parts

Not too many entries in this category, for obvious reasons. Yes, eating more often at my mom's and in Eastern Europe in general would vastly improve this segment. And my body fat volume.

Aerated foie gras, pickled beet, mashad plum, brioche
WD 50, Lower East Side, NYC
Duck livers in duck fat with paprika and onions. Cholesterol bomb.
One of the most delicious meals ever. I eat it approximately once in 3 years or less.
Private cooking - Snajdars, Kosice, Slovakia. With strong Hungarian influence.
Almost impossible to find in a restaurant
This is how you eat it. On a thick piece of fresh, crispy white bread.
At first I thought that I won't like Braised & Marinated Pig Legs,
but these were delicious as was everything in this M2* restaurant
Ming Court at Langham Place Hotel, Hong Kong

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