19. Meats

Here comes the heavy duty stuff. Most of the time not really heavy though. Does not include my mother's idea of vegetarian food, although it would belong in this category. And that IS heavy duty. Look for it under home cooking. Yes, vegetarianism in Eastern Europe is still a bit less popular than buddhism.

 Lamb Couscous
Cafe Mogador, EV, NYC
 thinly sliced Black Angus rib eye from Lindsay Ranch, Oregon,
lightly boiled with assorted vegetables, lettuces & sesame dressing,
 EN Japanese Brasserie, NYC  
Lamb's Sweetbreads, pearl barley, runner beans and mint
Hereford Road. London, England
Shuk, Jerusalem, Israel
Ming Courts@Langham Place Hong Kong  dim sum 2M*
beef tenderloin, cabernet sauvignon jus, peas, carrots
Hospoda, UES, NYC
Steak with pickled cabbage, poached eggs and potatoes.
Vinegar Hill House, NYC
Grilled Chorizo with sweet potato & miso hash
 a soft boiled egg, garlic labne and star anise cashew nut praline
The Providores, London, England
House cured lamb pastrami with coriander aioli & rye-caraway toast.
Char No 4, Brooklyn, NYC
House smoked spare ribs with side of jalapeƱo-bacon cornbread & baked beans.
Char No 4, Brooklyn, NYC
Kofte. [meatballs]
Ankara, Turkey.
Lamb chops. Seafood & Steak House,
Izmir, Turkey
Lamb kebab.
Turkish Kitchen on 3rd Ave., NYC
Lamb on smoked eggplant puree.
Turkish Kitchen on 3rd Ave., NYC
Leg of lamb, grilled green tomatos, braised cucumbers
Belcourt, 2nd Ave., NYC [gone]
Marinated Pork Chops. I know, I know - it's pork, but have you read this?
Thai So'n, Chinatown, NYC
Meatballs & vegetables
Some eatery, really good. Jerusalem, Israel
Vepro & zelo, no knedlo
Hereford Road, London, England
Vitello Tonnato; Thinly Sliced Veal, Tuna Sauce, Orange Grapefruit Segments, Caper Berries
 East 12th Osteria. EV, NYC
Wagyu Beef with mushrooms & vegetables
Tang Court @ Langham Hotel, Hong Kong
Wood Grilled Lamb Chops with Polenta and Olives
Bottega, Yountville, Napa, CA

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