2. Bread

Sounds simple. Is not. And oils, butter, dips, spreads.

Nopi, London, England

Bread, oil, sheep cheese. Yum.
Ankara, Turkey 
Cheese scone with herb Mascarpone
Providores, London, England
This does not look like much, but oh! Savory scones with caramelized butter.
 I almost asked for encore. I did not. Lots of willpower.
 Easter brunch at Joe Doe's, East Village, NY

Fromagerie, London

Gryfe's bagels, simply the best I have ever tasted.
Toronto, Canada 
Italian bread, olive oil and beans.
Supper, East Village, NY

Making bread
Jerusalem, Israel 
Sesame flatbread
WD 50, Lower East Side, NY 
Some of the pastries
La Boulange, somewhere in California 
This is how simply one insane dinner started.
Bread and wrapped lemon (so you would not touch it with your dirty hands)
Deniz Restaurant, Izmir, Turkey

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