15. Sushi

Everything in here (mostly sashimi, not sushi, btw) is from one place - The Sushi Bar in Toronto, Canada  (寿司バー)(Formerly Dr. Sushi). The reason is that I just can't find a sushi place that would compare to this one. (I tried many). I followed the chef, Jimi Morry, through his last 4 locations around Toronto - which has been over 20 years by now. This relation lasts longer than most of marriages (including mine).

Jimi's artistry and the overall approach is just totally unique. Make sure to visit when in Toronto, even if this would be the only place you go. And some pictures are in other sections as well, because there is soba, there is…oh, just go and look.
Getting ready. This guy was just flown from Japan. The collar set apart, of course. We'll meet it later.
Being friends with the chef has its advantages...
for example - scallops like these
The collar, served.

and here it comes, the miracle sets
bow-tie sushi

Special Mackerel
Special Sardines
In NYC, I'd pay 3x as much for something of this quality. Piece of art.
It's probably worth the flying ticket
Cucumber roll for desert
See you next time Jimi! Hopefully soon!

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